Warning – IMO

I feel it necessary to begin these blogs with a Warning to those reading.  I love acronyms.  It seems everyone is using this new cyber shorthand.  However, I must admit that I have to go to the Acronym Dictionary to find out what the poster is talking about.  I do know one and will use it loud and clear in these blogs.

You ask what the acronym is. It is IMO.  For those who might not know what IMO means – it means in my opinion.  (Note that I didn’t say IMHO which means in my humble opinion).  IMHO always sounds like one is giving a half hearted apology for their statement or embarrassed to give the opinion or perhaps unworthy to give the opinion.  This will not be the case in these blogs.
I have arrived at the stage in life and craft career that I can have an opinion.  You might not always agree with me but it is my opinion.  I will tell you though, that when I express my opinion it will be backed up with experience, facts and other references.
So here goes quilting folks and others who may be interested in reading IMO’s.